Chesterfield Farm

On Friday the 11th of November all of the Preps went on an excursion to Chesterfield Farm. We participated in lots of fun activities. We got to go on a tractor ride, feed the animals, pat baby animals, visit the discovery room, milk a cow and watch a sheepdog demonstration. It was a very fun day! ​


What are Prep CM learning in week 8?

The week beginning the 29th of August we will be learning:

  • Correct formation of the letter Xx
  • The sound for the letter Xx – Ox on the Box X x x
  • Revise the sounds for all of the letters learnt so far s, m, r, t, f, c, a, l, h, b, d, e, n, p, g, o, i, j, k, q, u, v, w
  • Reading – sentences and words
  • Rhyming – words that rhyme with ‘in’
  • Café strategy – Back up and re-read (comprehension)
  • Story writing – recording beginning sounds and words, writing from left to right, capital letters and full stops
  • Maths – counting forwards and backwards, numbers beyond 10, before and after, shapes, colours, more and less, more about numbers to 20

Integrated – Medical (doctor, nurse, vet, ambulance)