Tt Treasure Hunt! 

Today we worked with our buddies. We walked around the school and took photos of things that start with the letter Tt. We helped our buddies to make collages and movies using all of the pictures we took. It was heaps of fun!  


2 thoughts on “Tt Treasure Hunt! 

  1. It was so much fun to go around the school looking for things that start with the letter t with our buddy’s and then making pic collage and shadow puppets i love it was so much fun.

  2. Hi PCM,
    What a great activity to do with your buddies 🙂 I’m sure you found lots of Tt things to photograph. I hope your buddies taught you lots of things that you can do on the iPads. I’m looking forward to seeing all your smiling faces in Info Lit next term.
    Mrs Brough 🙂

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